Pakistan wins Travel and Adventure Show award

Pakistan wins Travel and Adventure Show award

'Pakistan has the most beautiful and undiscovered tourist sites with huge untapped tourism potential,'
Ambassador Masood said.
Pakistan wins Travel and Adventure Show award

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29 Jan 2024

Pakistan achieved a significant milestone by winning the 'Best In-Show – International Tourism Development' award at the Travel and Adventure Show 2024 in New York.

The event hosted over 550 top destinations and nearly 190 countries participated in the show.

The Pakistan Pavilion, inaugurated by Ambassador Masood Khan, collaborated with key entities like the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, and the Pakistani Consulate in New York.

Minister for Tourism Gilgit-Baltistan Ghulam Muhammad, former minister Raja Nasir Ali Khan, and Consul General Aamer Ahmed Atozai were present at the inauguration.

A 60-member delegation of PTDC, TDAP represented Pakistan at the show, showcasing the nation's diverse tourism opportunities.

Live performances by Pakistani artisans specializing in lacquer woodwork and traditional doll-making added cultural richness to the event.

Ambassador Masood Khan expressed pride in the recognition of Pakistan Pavilion as the best in the show, highlighting the country's growing appeal in the international tourism arena.

“The Travel and Adventure Show is a fantastic show and many countries and tour operators are present here,” Ambassador Masood said.

“It is a matter of pride for us that Pakistan Pavilion has been awarded the Best in Show in the International Travel and Adventure Show,” he said. "The world is taking a keen interest in the tourism market of Pakistan, especially in adventure and eco-tourism."

Masood said, “Pakistan has the most beautiful and undiscovered tourist sites with huge untapped tourism potential.”

The Travel and Adventure Show, spanning over 19 years with 118 completed events, has successfully connected more than 2.5 million travel enthusiasts, over 15,000 unique Travel Advisors, and numerous travel media professionals.

The platform has facilitated interactions with over 4,500 exhibiting companies globally, making a substantial impact by influencing over $6 billion in travel bookings.

Earlier, Pakistan was recognized as a top tourist destination by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with a 115% rise in foreign tourist arrivals and projections of international receipts reaching $1.3 billion by the end of the year 2023.


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