Pakistan rejects global objections on Feb 8 elections

Pakistan rejects global objections on Feb 8 elections

US, UK and other countries raised reservations about the electoral process.
Pakistan rejects global objections on Feb 8 elections

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10 Feb 2024

Pakistan on Saturday addressed the recent remarks made by certain countries and organizations regarding the recently held general elections.

Expressing surprise at the negative tone of these statements, the FO spokesperson emphasized the need to consider the intricate nature of the electoral process and the significant participation of millions of Pakistani citizens in exercising their right to vote.

Highlighting the successful and peaceful conduct of the elections despite substantial security challenges stemming from foreign-sponsored terrorism, the Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson underscored the resilience and determination of Pakistan to uphold democratic principles.

Addressing misconceptions, the spokesperson clarified that there was no nationwide internet shutdown during the elections. Rather, mobile services were temporarily suspended as a precautionary measure to mitigate potential terrorist threats on polling day.

This clarification aims to dispel any inaccuracies surrounding the electoral process.

Emphasizing Pakistan's steadfast commitment to fostering a stable and democratic society, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson welcomed constructive advice from international partners. However, they criticized premature negative commentary on the electoral process, asserting that such criticism lacks objectivity and undermines the efforts towards democratic consolidation.

Asserting Pakistan's dedication to strengthening its democratic institutions, the statement reaffirmed the country's determination to pursue a vibrant democratic polity.

Each election and peaceful transition of power, it noted, brings Pakistan closer to realizing the aspirations of its people and honoring the vision of its founding leaders. It is to be noted that the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and other countries have raised reservations about the elections.


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