US citizen hunts Astore Markhor for over $180,000

US citizen hunts Astore Markhor for over $180,000

The horn size of the trophy is said to be 40 inches.
US citizen hunts Astore Markhor for over $180,000

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24 Mar 2024

A US national has hunted the highest-rated Markhor in the Astore district of Gilgit-Baltistan for over $180,000.

The hunt, which took place in the Doyan Community Controlled Hunting Area, was sanctioned to Brian Douglas Williams through a hunting permit obtained at a staggering cost of $181,000. The horn size of the trophy is said to be 40 inches. 

This year, a total of four permits were issued for Markhor hunting in Astore, making it a rare and exclusive opportunity for hunters. The Astore Markhor, known for its majestic horns and endangered status, is a coveted trophy for big game hunters.

This was said to be the fourth highest-rated Astore Markhor hunt during the current trophy hunting programme.

On February 13, after paying $171,000, American Colglazier John Michael hunted an Astore Markhor in Sai Damote CCHA in Gilgit. Later, after paying the GB Wildlife Department $186,000, American citizen Joseph Bradford Coors was able to hunt the highest-rated Astore Markhor on January 27, in the SKB community control hunting area in the Roundu area of Skardu.

After paying $177,000, Jan Jacob T. Dams from Belgium hunted an Astore Markhor on Dec 2, 2023, in the Astore DMT hunting area.

October marks the beginning of the trophy hunting program, which runs until April of the following year.

It's worth noting that the hunting permit fees play a crucial role in conservation efforts and local community development. In this case, 80% of the hunting income generated from the permits will be allocated to the local people, providing them with a significant source of revenue. 


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