"Ramadan is a good opportunity to quit smoking," say health experts

"Ramadan is a good opportunity to quit smoking," say health experts

People usually seek ways to quit bad habits in Ramadan
"Ramadan is a good opportunity to quit smoking," say health experts

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18 Mar 2024

Pakistan is on the seventh spot in the world with the highest number of tobacco consumers, however, Ramadan is a good opportunity for them to quit smoking, according to health experts.

In the holy month of fasting, people usually seek ways to quit habits that are bad for their health.

According to a report published by National News, healthcare professionals think that Ramadan is a powerful "opportunity to break free from smoking."

“Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection, personal growth, and strengthening well-being,” said Dr Grace Fabrizia Graziani in a report.

"The built-in break that comes with fasting disrupts your smoking routine and reduces your body’s dependence on nicotine, giving you a head start,” she added.

“Fasting and abstaining from smoking for an average 13 hours a day is a good resistance for the mind and body. Ramadan is about self-control and discipline, which makes it a perfect chance to stop smoking for good,” another expert Dr Harkirat Singh Wilkhoo said.

Dr Wilkhoo advised smokers, who are quitting it gradually, to extend the break between eating and smoking.

"When the fasting day ends reach for water instead of cigarettes, vapes, or shisha, as hydrating can help combat the urge to smoke," he suggested.

“A lot of people smoke to help calm anxiety and deal with stress. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing or meditation can boost your parasympathetic response. This helps diminish your anxiety, increases your level of focus and your ability to stay calm,” pulmonologist Dr Neha Solanki said.



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