Aima Baig, family perform Umrah

Aima Baig, family perform Umrah

The singer shared pictures from her spiritual journey on her Instagram account.
Aima Baig, family perform Umrah

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26 Mar 2024

Pakistani singer Aima Baig along with family members performed Umrah in Saudi Arabia.

"The Summoning - terrifying, beautiful, an aghast feeling all at the same time. Its like you’re unlocking a few secrets of the world - everytime it gives you smthn to always remember 🙂 May ALLAH always keep summoning me for my tauba’s and also may ALLAH always keep my Aba jiii w me forever. Ily father ❤️🫶," Baig captioned the pictures from Saudi Arabia.

Aima Baig continues to be a prominent figure in the music scene, known for her chart-topping songs and captivating performances. She amassed dedicated fan base eagerly anticipating her next albums.

She also captured the spotlight with chart-topping tracks and mesmerising performances over time.


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