Imran Khan 'ready' for dialogue with political parties

Imran Khan 'ready' for dialogue with political parties

CJP Justice Isa advised Imran Khan to hold dialogue with political parties.
Imran Khan 'ready' for dialogue with political parties

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10 Jun 2024

Founder of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, has reportedly decided to initiate talks with political parties on the advice of Chief Justice, showcasing the party’s readiness for dialogue amidst political turmoil.

According to reports from Express News, PTI founder Imran Khan has penned a letter to the Supreme Court regarding the initiation of talks, with the contents already noted.

Imran Khan’s statement indicates that the letter aims to address the country’s ongoing economic challenges and political instability, with a firm stance to engage with all serious stakeholders to alleviate the nation’s economic and political crises.

As per the sources, the letter outlines that every party capable of resolving economic and political issues can be approached for discussions, including the restoration of the electoral mandate and the demand for fair trials of PTI leaders and workers in various political cases, including the May 9 judicial inquiry.

In response to the outreach to political parties and the letter to the Supreme Court by PTI’s founder, a special meeting of PTI’s legal committee has been requisitioned today. The PTI legal committee meeting will finalize the points of Imran Khan’s letter.

According to sources, the letter will reference the current political and economic situation and propose measures to mitigate the challenges faced by the country. It will also demand fair trials for PTI leaders and workers in political and economic cases, with the legal committee ultimately giving the final shape to the founder’s letter.


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