Israeli army is one of 'most criminal armies' in the world: UN

Israeli army is one of 'most criminal armies' in the world: UN

Sidoti accused the Israeli army of engaging in criminal activities
Israeli army is one of 'most criminal armies' in the world: UN

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20 Jun 2024

A member of the UN’s Independent International Commission of Inquiry (COI) on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Chris Sidoti, described the Israeli army as "one of the most criminal armies in the world" during a press briefing.

Sidoti highlighted a stark contrast between the claims of the Israeli Prime Minister, who frequently touts his army as the most moral in the world, and the findings of the Commission's investigation into war crimes.

Based on the evidence collected during the commission's investigation, he accused the Israeli army of engaging in criminal activities.

The UN official maintained that though he lacks expertise or authority to assess morality, Sidoti emphasised that his mandate to investigate crimes against humanity led him to conclude the Israeli army's criminal conduct.

The UN’s Human Rights Council appointed the Commission in 2021 to investigate violations of international law and human rights in Palestine. 

In its latest report, the Commission stated that Israel has forcibly displaced at least 1.7 million Palestinians and highlighted the extensive fatalities and destruction caused by Israeli actions.

The report noted that Israeli forces deliberately targeted civilians and damaged property to exert pressure on Hamas fighters. 

The siege of the Gaza Strip has led to the forced displacement of 1.7 million Palestinians, obstructed the supply of food and essential goods, and caused famine and the deaths of children.

The Commission also quoted the Israeli Defense Minister, who justified the siege as a form of retaliation, stating, “We are fighting human animals, and we act accordingly.”

The relentless bombardment of the southern city of Rafah has devastated the lives of Palestinians, who are desperately seeking shelter from Israeli airstrikes in humanitarian zones. The death toll has reached approximately 37,400.

After eight months of intense conflict that has ravaged Gaza, there was a brief glimmer of hope when Hamas agreed to a ceasefire mediated by Qatar and another peace deal mediated by the US. However, Israel's offensive plans dashed those hopes.


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